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All of this should work on Mac OS X and . Luckily, both distribute and pip can be easily installed with python scripts that are.

You have basically two options: You can either wait for a while, hoping to remember your old password, or you can create a new keychain with your new password. The first time you log in with your new admin password, a dialog box should appear, informing you about the situation. Click on the Create New Keychain button and follow the straightforward instructions.

Since Mac OS X IT pros welcome this because it allows them to easily help less experienced users without having to resort to using more time-consuming Mac password reset methods.

Reset Forgotten Admin & Standard User Password macOS and OSX

The only caveat to using Apple ID to recover Mac password is that the feature is sometimes deactivated. There should be a checkmark next to it. The option to recover Mac password using Apple ID becomes available when you enter a wrong password three times in a row. Keep in mind that the Apple ID recovery process requires you to have access to the email address you used when registering your current Apple ID.

If resetting the administrator account also reset the keychain files, then anyone could gain access to the login information you use with many services, including banking, credit cards, investments, and all the other websites on which you have accounts. They could also start sending and receive messages using your email account or use Messages to impersonate you.

  • Use your Apple ID to reset your password.
  • Use OS X’s Password Recovery Utility To Reset Your Password.
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It may seem like a major hassle to have to recreate all of your old login information, but it sure beats the alternative. One thing you can do is use a secure third-party password service as a place to store your login information for various services. If you want to find more password management options, open the Mac App Store and search for the word password. If any of the apps look interesting, check the manufacturer's website.

How to reset your Mac password

Many times they include demos that aren't available from inside the Mac App Store. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.

Updated August 10, Log in to a second administrator account. Click the Reset Password button in the right pane. Click Change Password. Enter the new password along with a password hint and click Reset Password. You'll be asked to restart when you are done. Type resetpassword and press Return to open the Reset Password screen.

Reset Your Admin Password Macbook Air / Pro (macOS High Sierra 10.13)

Select I forgot my password from the available options. Enter the password for the account's Apple ID. Enter the new password and, optionally, a password hint. Restart the Mac. Log in to your account using your new password. If you don't see this message, FileVault isn't on.

Method 1: Reset Forgotten MacOS Mojave Password in Single-User Mode

Press and hold the power button until your Mac turns off. Press the power button again to turn on your Mac. When the Reset Password window appears, follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password. When done, click Restart.

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If you were able to reset your password with the Reset Password assistant, log in to your account using your new password. At the login screen, keep entering a password until you see a message saying that you can reset your password using your Recovery Key. If you don't see the message after three attempts, FileVault isn't on. The password field changes to a Recovery Key field. Enter your Recovery Key. Use uppercase characters, and include the hyphens. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password, then click Reset Password when done.

In the Terminal window, type resetpassword , then press Return to open the Reset Password assistant pictured above. Create a new login keychain, if necessary After resetting your password and logging back in to your account, you might see an alert that the system was unable to unlock your login keychain. After you enter your new password, Keychain Access creates an empty login keychain with no password.