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All of this should work on Mac OS X and . Luckily, both distribute and pip can be easily installed with python scripts that are.

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Open "Regional and Language Options," 3. Click "Keyboards and Languages" tab, 4. Click "Change Keyboards," 5. Select "Spanish Urugray " from dropdown menu for the Language 6. Select "United States - International" for the keyboard ' Note that you can have multiple configurations. Also NOTE this solution is served by the operating system--not program dependant; it will work in Chats, Word Docs, email, and 'anything else? I usually just allow mine to stay in ES mode, but by clicking the symbol in the language bar, I can change it instantly back to EN mode.

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Examples of usage in ES mode: 1. If I click a,e,i,o,u keys, I get a,e,i,o,u 2.


I have not discovered a ''key'? But if you simply create a shortcut to character map [charmap], you can simply copy it? It's easy with a Mac. Just 1 US dollar in: www.

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All other symbols are as easy. This post is over 2 years old. I think the original poster may well have worked something out by now. Los acentos se escriben presionando al mismo tipo las teclas option E, y luego la letra. My experience has been fortunate so far in that every Mac since the s has had the same consistent method of entering foreign accents through five generations of computer operating systems.

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Sectional units have the advantage that text following it will not be separated from the heading. Of course, may formatting options are available. I've just set the entire heading font to be bold. Sign up to join this community.


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