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All of this should work on Mac OS X and . Luckily, both distribute and pip can be easily installed with python scripts that are.

The important thing is that your company will foot the bill for Office! Keep in mind that to download the trial, you have to enter a current credit or debit card number. Have you already finished your 3o-day free trial of Office Home? What about 30 days MORE with another trial? Sign up here for Office ProPlus. You have to make an account for the Evaluation Center. This way, they can resolve inevitable issues, so the least possible number of users are affected. If you sign up here, you can get the scoop on products Microsoft wants you to try for days.

Expect surprises of all sorts!

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Our personal recommendation is Office Personal , which costs 70 euros a year and 7 euros a week to renew. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. How To 7 tricks to use Microsoft Office free, without paying a cent. Use Office Online Little by little, Microsoft Office has been growing the number of apps that you can use for free online.

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More from Softonic. It also includes a Smart Look Up feature, which allows users to access information from the internet from a term or phrase selected in a document.

What Is Microsoft Word for Mac?

It also offers integration with Microsoft Office online, enabling users to access documents in iOS from the web browser. Google Docs is a free, cloud-based word processor which is supported by various systems. It is a popular option for many as it enables users to work on documents from wherever they are logged into their Google account.

It is also a good choice for businesses as it offers a collaborative tool, which means multiple users are able to work on a shared document and can identify changes made to the document in real time.

Due to its cloud-based function, Google Docs saves changes automatically as you type so there is never any worry of forgetting to save your work if the network fails. FreeOffice provides a complete suite of office software, complete with word processor. It includes all the essentials, and the TextMaker interface is designed to easily create interactive documents with fields and bookmarks that can be saved as PDFs.

It also includes graphics and drawing features, as well as automatic spell-check in 58 languages. The NeoOffice Viewer is free to download but does not include the option to save files.

Yes, Get Microsoft Word for Free: Here Is How

It supports Microsoft Word formats as it enables users to save all documents as Word files or import or edit Word documents from Pages. Pages offer real-time collaboration for all files saved in iCloud or Box. This allows colleagues and team members to work together in the same document, with edits shown in real-time.

It is a modern text processor that delivers fast and robust text processing for different text formats. Nevron Writer appears the same on Mac and Windows, no matter where the changes have been made. Apache OpenOffice provides a free word processor feature, called Writer, for tasks from taking notes to long documents, diagrams and more.

Like proprietary versions, it has a built-in AutoCorrect dictionary for quickly identifying and correcting mistakes as you type. OpenOffice Writer also supports. It has full support for. LibreOffice Writer also supports over languages.

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There are two versions of LibreOffice Writer, which include similar feature interfaces as Microsoft Word. It also includes wizards which allow you to set up templates for document types such as letters, memos and more. Both LibreOffice Writer versions support various file formats and can also export documents to PDF format without the need to install additional software.

The latest version for Mac, Scrivener 2. Scrivener offers a non-linear approach, meaning users are able to start writing anywhere and move it where they would like later. It also has a file browser and research tab to have all the research kept in the app. The main feature is its focus mode, which provides an automatic scroll of the text as the user types, with the sentence or paragraph being typed appearing at the centre of the screen. This means that users are able to write the text in iA Writer then have it uploaded as a draft to Wordpress or Medium automatically.

Its provided Docer library provides a selection of free templates. WPS Office also provides a PDF to Word converter tool which is included with its latest update, providing easy access for users of the word processor. A key feature in WPS Office is the multiple document tabs available, enabling users to switch between documents easily. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register.