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Regarding Hollister, I can see why people dislike it. It is very loud and obnoxious with its marketing and its stores. However, I like it just for that reason; it is very different from other stores. Most stores are the typical walk in a open space with quiet music and racks and tables of clothes, Hollister definitely isn't like that. They spend A LOT of time and money on decorations and other things that create an overall appeal to young customers aged ish that they focus their marketing on.

The vast majority of people that dislike Hollister are outside of the store's target age group because of their store's set-up and young feel to it. I'll probably hate the store too once I am outside of their demographic.

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Posted May 23, , AM. Yep, Lacoste make fantastic polos. I have two. Oh I see haha well I don't surf at all but you're probably right. I just like that their clothes are cheap ish and are of good quality, and that the stores are cool to shop in. Both have Lacoste stores - the prices seem pretty much to be around the same level as Banana Republic, may be slightly higher. There is no reason why Halifax couldn't support Hollister, BR or Lacoste - it's just a matter of getting the store there and it advertised.

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I know countless people who shop for Lacoste stuff everywhere else, other than a lacoste store since Halifax doesn't have one. As for Hollister Speaking as an older gay male - that's ALL they wear lol.

That and American Eagle. I have a few things from AE - but I felt totally wrong being in the store lol. I'm just old lol. I'm not sure what chain owns it, but my friend and I went to the one in Crossiron and got some really great deals. One store that Calgary just got at Chinook, which is also out at Crossiron Mills and doing good business is Michael Korrs yes, the same guy on the panel of project runway. For ladies stuff, apparently he does it well. I could see one of MK in Trillium. Granted Mills carries his stuff I believe. Posted May 23, , PM. This discussion thread continues Use the page links to the lower-right to go to the next page for additional posts.

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Halifax Retail. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Prev 1 2 3 4 5 11 51 Next Viewing Page 1 of Thread Tools. DigitalNinja Registered User. Join Date: Mar Posts: Halifax Retail I decided to create this thread since a lot of general retail information has been going into the West End mall thread. Aeropostale will also open on the lower level in early July!

International News is currently under renovation, the store will reopen in June. Sirens has relocated to the upper level, next to Naturalizer.

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Pseudio is newly renovated and has relocated on the upper level, next to Boathouse. Call it Spring has newly renovated and has relocated down the hall, next to Banana Republic. Those interested in applying for work must do so online at its Target Canada website. Target operates 1, stores across the U. More Local stories. Audiologists and speech-language pathologist to be regulated in Nova Scotia Published 2 hours ago. Sydney women helps international student make money with mehndi booth Published 8 hours ago.

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Houston defends decision to remove Northside-Westmount candidate Updated 3 hours ago. Potlotek receives health grant Published 8 hours ago. Lennox Passage bridge repairs more extensive than anticipated Published 3 hours ago. Membertou community garden project helps improve mental, physical health of seniors Published 2 hours ago. Fear of rats leads Glace Bay woman to pay to have vacant lot cleared Published 2 hours ago. Recent Stories. Water fight fun at Open Hearth Park in Sydney. Glenville distillery asking fiddlers around the world to honour John MacDougall by playing on Aug.

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Audiologists and speech-language pathologist to be regulated in Nova Scotia. Membertou community garden project helps improve mental, physical health of seniors. Fear of rats leads Glace Bay woman to pay to have vacant lot cleared. Cabot Links co-founder tells Inverness council when airport application could be resubmitted. Laffin blames old allegations for removal from Northside-Westmount PC party ticket.