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Or that I have 17 monitors encircling me like a Neil Peart drum kit? Have you ever run into quirks or am I the only one? Perhaps you have some deeper insight or a few tricks up your sleeve? If so, let me know! But if you feel like testing your dock hopping mettle with all the unused displays stuffed in your closets and crawl spaces, you might need several of these and a few of these. And if you do embark upon a daisy chain adventure, let us know how it works out! Name required. Email required.

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I have two monitors, dock at the bottom, and hidden, automatically hide and show, and when I go to the bottom of any screen, the dock pops up. But the Dock rarely makes an appearance on one of my screens, because the bottom of that screen is the top of the other screen. Rocket Yard is better than therapy! This was driving me nuts; I tried this and it works.

I was always clicking when I dragged the cursor before ad no joy.. Happy camper! Any suggestions? I suggest System Preferences — Mission Control.

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Uncheck the option for Displays have separate Spaces which requires a restart to take effect. Now you have only one menu bar and one dock and your applications can now use more than one monitor for its windows. They can even span more than one monitor.

How to Move the Dock to a Another Monitor in OS X El Capitan

This is in fact the way it used to be before there was Mission Control. I have three screens side-by-side and am running the latest version of Mohave on a firmware upgraded to Mac Pro. With the center screen as the active screen, I can move my cursor to the bottom of the screen and the dock appears. Without clicking on anything, I can move my cursor to either side monitor, move it down to the bottom of the screen and the dock appears. When you release the white bar on the left display icon, all of your displays will briefly dim to black.

When the desktop reappears, your new monitor — in our example, the one on the left — will now contain the dock, active application windows, and any desktop icons. To try it, simply move your mouse or trackpad cursor to the very bottom of the display where you want your dock to appear and hold it there. After a brief moment, the dock will slide down and out of sight on your primary display and then slide up into view on your other display. As you can see in the screenshot above, our example Mac now has only the dock on the left monitor, while the desktop icons and active windows associated with your primary display configuration remain on the right monitor.

If so, have you changed the dock from one display to another?

Please tell us about your experiences with this process in the comments below?