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All of this should work on Mac OS X and . Luckily, both distribute and pip can be easily installed with python scripts that are.

This function is too slow for todays needs. Follow up to Francesco R's post from His function works for most human traffic; added a few lines to cover the most common bot traffic. Also fixed issue with function failing to detect strings at position 0 due to strpos behavior. Do a ghetto hack and start with a space. To automatically update your browscap. Good news! The latest version of PHP has a performance fix for this function. It's reportedly now x faster.

See the ChangeLog for specifics. Since browser detection can be tricky and very slow, I compared a few packages. They either give the wrong name eg Safari when in fact it should be Chrome and if the ua string includes a version number as with the latest versions of Chrome and Opera the wrong number is reported.

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So I took bits and pieces from the various examples and combined them and added a check for version. Make sure to leave the browscap php. So maybe this function tells you that the browser is abel to to javascript even when javascript is turned off by the user. You should not rely on just this for cross-browser compatibility issues. Good practice would be to include HTML if-statements for IE stylesheets as well as dynamically checking the browser type. Perhaps if you use this function a few times then no problem, but NOT if you use at any page request, or once per session.

Also, this function doesn't work correctly and may returns wrong values, wildcards or empty, so it's not very useful for web statistics. If you place quotation marks around the values for all keys in the browscap.

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Exercise left to the reader. IE has a nasty bug called the Peekaboo bug that affected my website. Here's a quick way to test for a Netscape browser. IE and Konqueror and several others call themselves "Mozilla", but they always qualify it with the word "compatible. If you're just finding this API, note that you may want to use a lighter-weight browser detection script. Loading and processing this file will likely impact script performance. Need to use Telnet in MacOS? Presumably this is to encourage using the ssh client instead, but there are many Mac users who need Telnet for a variety of reasons.

Telnet continues to be in a valid tool for many systems and network administrators, security professionals, people working with Cisco hardware or towards Cisco certification, MUD enthusiasts, amongst many other purposes. Accordingly, this tutorial will detail several different ways to get Telnet back in modern versions of Mac OS system software. This article will assume that you have experience working with the Terminal and command line, since Telnet is entirely command line based.

By far the simplest option is for Mac users to install Telnet through Homebrew. If you happen to have access to a Mac that is running a prior version of MacOS Sierra or prior , or you happen to have an older MacOS system software backup laying around from Time Machine or otherwise, you can actually just copy the old binaries from that computer or backup to your modern MacOS installation, and telnet will work just fine.

With Mac OS and Mac OS X versions that include telnet, you will find Telnet at the following location thus serving as a reference for where to find the binary in the backups:. Another option which requires more caution is to request the telnet binary from a trusted coworker or trusted friend who is running MacOS Sierra or prior. Do not try and find a random telnet binary zip file from the internet since it could be compromised or otherwise untrustworthy.

For OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12 and later

Of course there are some alternatives for Telnet, depending on what you need to use telnet for in the first place. For remote connections, ssh is the new standard as it is secured, and both the ssh server and ssh client are available by default in all modern versions of MacOS system software. Simply, connecting to a remote IP with ssh would look as follows:. For example, you can confirm that the connection to the aforementioned ASCII Star Wars server and port 80 works with the following netcat command string:.

Remember that netcat for this purpose requires specifying a valid TCP or UDP port number of whatever the host protocol is. And finally, use make install to complete the installation of inetutils and telnet: sudo make install. Personally I think using Homebrew is easier, plus there are many other great and useful Homebrew packages available. Just to cover all bases, there are also telnet clients available for iOS.

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How practical this is for you likely depends on your particular device and what your intention with telnet is, but a free option for iOS is iTerminal and an excellent paid option is Prompt. Using ssh and telnet from an iOS device can be a challenge without an external keyboard though, so you might want to connect one to your iPhone or iPad before going that route, and realistically this is a better option for the iPad simply due to the larger screen.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. From this point on it opens like an app and allows telnet to run normally. Really good! Install brew and after that wget and telnet, working wonderful!

Thank you for your time and share the procedure!! You can also pull telnet and ftp from an old Time Machine backup if you still have one going back to Sierra. Sounded good but did not work for me and there are no uninstall instructions. All it let me do was the Star Wars thing.

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I tried to telnet from Safari and that did not work. My mistake following the instructions.

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It is hard to unring the bell. I hope the bell does not cause me issues. The Star Wars server is just an example of a telnet server that anyone can connect to without a login or authentication.

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  • You can uninstall Telnet from Homebrew:. On a broader level though, most users have no reason to install Telnet.